The SLM Water Bottle – An Innovative Way to Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things we can do for our health. Drinking adequate amounts of water improves energy levels, brain function, digestion, skin health, and much more. However, drinking enough water can be a challenge for many people in today’s busy world. This is where the SLM water bottle comes in – providing an innovative solution to help you meet your daily hydration needs.

What is the SLM Water Bottle?

The SLM water bottle is a unique water bottle designed to motivate people to drink more water throughout the day. It was created by The Right Cup, a company dedicated to developing products that promote hydration and health.

slm water bottle

There are a few key features that make the SLM water bottle stand out:

Hourly Water Consumption Markers

The bottle contains hourly consumption markers from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to guide your water intake throughout the day. The markers show how much water you should drink each hour (half your weight in ounces) to stay properly hydrated. This takes the guesswork out of figuring out how much water you need.

Time Marker Lid

The lid of the SLM bottle doubles as a time marker, with an easy-to-read display that shows the time. This lets you quickly glance to check that you are on track with your hourly water consumption.

Leak-Proof Design

The bottle is crafted from durable stainless steel and features a leak-proof flip-top lid. The flip-top lid is easy to open with one hand, ideal when you’re on the go. And the steel construction means the bottle won’t sweat, keeping your belongings dry.

slm water bottle with straw and handle

Motivational Timestamps

Etched motivational timestamps on the side of the bottle provide an extra push to keep you drinking water consistently. Phrases like “You’ve got this!” and “Don’t give up!” add a positive, encouraging element.

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The SLM water bottle is constructed from food-grade stainless steel, so it’s 100% BPA-free. This makes it a safe and healthy option.

Benefits of Using the SLM Water Bottle

Using the SLM water bottle provides a wide array of health and convenience benefits:

  • Achieve optimal daily hydration. The consumption markers and time tracker make it easy to meet your personal water intake goals. Proper hydration can boost energy, improve skin, reduce headaches, regulate body temperature, and more.
  • Increased motivation and accountability. The timestamps with motivational phrases give you an extra nudge to keep drinking water consistently throughout the day. It helps you stay accountable to your hydration schedule.
  • Portability for on-the-go use. The durable stainless steel bottle is lightweight and portable. The flip-top lid makes it easy to drink from no matter where you are – at home, work, the gym, or out running errands.
  • Better tracker than apps. The physical hourly markers mean you don’t have to rely on downloading an app and constantly checking your phone. The time is right there on the lid when you need it.
  • Promotes healthier beverage choices. Having water conveniently available makes you less likely to grab sugary soda, juice, or other unhealthy drinks when thirsty.

How to Use the SLM Water Bottle

Using the SLM water bottle is very straightforward:

How to Use the SLM Water Bottle
  1. Calculate how much water you should drink daily. Take your weight in pounds and divide by two – that’s how many ounces you should aim for each day.
  2. Notice the hourly consumption markers on the side of the bottle. They show how many ounces you should drink each hour from 7am to 7pm to meet your daily goal.
  3. Fill your SLM bottle up to the 7am marker to begin your day. Refer to the markers and time display as you drink throughout the day to stay on track.
  4. The motivational timestamps will give you an added boost to drink up when needed. Refill as necessary depending on your consumption goals.
  5. Wash the bottle with mild soap and water at the end of the day. Do not put it in the dishwasher.
  6. Wake up and repeat the next day! Consistency is key to proper hydration.

Additional Tips for Staying Hydrated

  • Carry your SLM bottle with you throughout the day to sip from frequently
  • Drink a full 8oz serving of water first thing when you wake up
  • Choose water over sugary drinks whenever possible
  • Infuse your water with fresh fruit for flavor when needed
  • Drink water before, during, and after exercise
  • Listen to your body – drink more water if you feel thirsty or sluggish

Where to Buy the SLM Smart Water Bottle

The SLM water bottle can be purchased directly from The Right Cup’s website for this is Amazon. It’s available in a few color options: black, white, blue, pink, and stainless steel.

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The Right Cup offers free shipping on orders over $20, and ships to the United States and Canada. Order yours today to start improving your daily hydration!

The SLM Water Bottle: A Smart Investment for Health

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Staying properly hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and well-being. The SLM water bottle takes all the guesswork and effort out of making sure you consume enough water throughout the busy day. With its innovative hourly markers, motivational timestamps, and sleek design, it’s a smart investment to help you meet your hydration goals and feel your best. Give the SLM water bottle a try – your body and mind will thank you!


How many ounces does the SLM water bottle hold?

The SLM water bottle comes in two sizes – 32 oz and 64 oz. The 32 oz bottle stands about 10 inches tall while the 64 oz bottle is close to 13 inches tall.

What types of lids do the SLM bottle come with?

The SLM bottle comes with a unique Time Marker lid that displays the time and hourly consumption markers. It has a leak-proof flip-top opening.

Can the SLM bottle go in the dishwasher?

No, handwashing is recommended. The SLM bottle should be washed with mild soap and water. Dishwasher use could damage the markings.

Where can I buy replacement lids for the SLM bottle?

Replacement lids and accessories for the SLM bottle can be purchased directly through The Right Cup’s website. They have lids, straws, and handles available.

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