Frank Green Water Bottle A Honest Review

Frank Green Water Bottle started going viral on social media, As an avid water drinker and reusable bottle user, I’m always on the hunt for the perfect bottle. I’ve tried just about every type and brand you can think of – cheap plastic, stainless steel, glass, insulated, simple, complex – you name it, I’ve probably used it. So when the Frank Green Water Bottle started going viral on social media, I knew I had to get my hands on one to test it out for myself.

Brand – Owala, Capacity – 2 Pounds
Color – Retro Boardwalk, Theme – Sport
Special Feature – Dishwasher Safe, Cold 24 hour

Could this stylish bottle live up to all the hype? Would it really keep drinks cold for 24 hours like people were claiming? There were so many rave reviews, but I was skeptical. In this post, I’ll take you through my real-life experience testing out the Frank Green Water Bottle. Buckle up, because you won’t believe what happened!

Unboxing the Frank Green Water Bottle

After weeks of deliberation, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the Frank Green icon bottle in blush pink. A few days later, it arrived in a neat little package. I excitedly unboxed it and here are my first impressions:

The bottle totally lives up to its Instagram-worthy reputation. Visually, it’s simple yet modern with its slender silhouette and pop of color. It’s made of durable stainless steel with a powder-coated exterior. Weighing in at just over 1 lb, it felt light yet sturdy in my hands.

The bottle holds 20 oz of liquid. It comes with a secure screw-top lid that covers the mouth opening. The lid has a handy carry loop that makes toting it around easy. Overall, the quality and design looked really good upon initial inspection. But it takes more than nice aesthetics to be a great reusable bottle. Next, I needed to test out how well it worked.

Testing the Frank Green Water Bottle Claims

The Frank Green Water Bottle boasts some impressive claims. From keeping drinks cold for 24 hours to having a protective shell that prevents dents and scratches, I needed to put it through rigorous testing in real life. Here’s how the Frank Green stood up to daily use:

Keeping Drinks Cold for 24 Hours

One of the biggest claims from the Frank Green team is that it will keep beverages chilled for a full day. To test this, I filled it to the brim with ice-cold water before bed. In the morning, nearly 12 hours later, I took a sip. While not as icy as the night before, the water was still very cool and refreshing.

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After a full 24 hours though, it was closer to room temperature so the claim held up until about the 12-14 hour mark. Still, keeping water cold overnight is pretty impressive compared to other reusable bottles I’ve tested.

Durability of the Shell

From being tossed in my bag to dropped on the sidewalk, I didn’t buy this bottle at all during testing. After two weeks of daily use, I really couldn’t find any dents or scratches. The powder-coated shell seems to live up to its durable reputation. Even the paint color hasn’t chipped or faded at all.

I even decided to test it to the extreme. I dropped it down a flight of hardwood stairs and it didn’t receive so much as a scuff. While I don’t recommend abusing your belongings, it’s nice to know this bottle can withstand accidental drops and still look great.

Leakproof Lid

Having a leakproof lid is an absolute must for a reusable bottle in my opinion. Nothing is worse than reaching into your bag to find everything soaked because of a flimsy cap. During all my testing, I never experienced any leakage with the screw top lid. Whether it was tossed in bags or briefly opened in my backpack, it kept liquids securely inside.

Ease of Cleaning

With so many nooks and crannies, some reusable bottles are a pain to properly clean. The Frank Green bottle has a smooth inner shell with no narrow spaces. Cleaning it out with a bottle brush takes just a minute or two.

I will say the lid has tiny openings around the perimeter that can trap debris and liquid residue. But overall, this bottle is one of the easiest I’ve found to clean which is a big plus.

Putting the Frank Green to The Test in Real Life

While controlled experiments are helpful, I wanted to see how Frank Green performed during normal everyday use. I made it my go-to water bottle for two weeks, bringing it with me everywhere. Here’s how it held up to real-world use:

Fitting in Cup Holders

With a 20 oz capacity and 2.5-inch diameter, I was worried it may not fit well into standard cup holders. However, it slid right into my car’s holders and even my backpack’s bottle pockets without an issue. The slim silhouette makes it more versatile than many bulkier steel bottles I’ve used.

Carrying Convenience

Thanks to the lightweight build and handy carry loop on the lid, toting the Frank Green bottle around is very easy. I could clip it to my gym bag or easily hold it in one hand on the go. For someone who is always out and about, being easy to transport is a must.

Drinking Experience

While drinking from rigid steel bottles can sometimes be awkward, the Frank Green top provided a very comfortable drinking experience. The smooth finish and ergonomic shape of the spout make taking sips simple and spill-free.

Durability in Daily Life

My day-to-day use proved just as durable as the experiments. Despite cramming it into crowded bags and dropping it a few times, the bottle looked brand new at the end of my testing period. No chips, dents, or leaks – very impressive!

The Verdict: Should You Buy The Frank Green Water Bottle?

After extensive at-home experiments and two weeks of real-world testing, would I recommend the Frank Green Water Bottle?

The short answer: Absolutely!

While it does have a higher price tag than basic plastic bottles, the superb quality, thoughtful design, and durable construction make it well worth the investment in my opinion.

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons I found with Frank Green:


  • Keeps water cold for 12+ hours
  • A durable shell prevents dents, chips, and scratches
  • Leakproof lid with handy carry loop
  • Sleek, lightweight, and easy to drink from
  • Fits into most cup holders
  • Simple to thoroughly clean


  • Doesn’t fully keep drinks cold for full 24 hrs

Overall, the pros far outweigh the few drawbacks I experienced. The Frank Green exceeded my expectations and has quickly become my daily go-to water bottle.

So if you’re looking for a reusable bottle that looks great, performs even better, and will last for many years, the Frank Green gets my highest recommendation! It will make staying hydrated on-the-go an absolute pleasure.


I hope this thorough and unbiased review helped break down how the Frank Green Water Bottle performs both in controlled tests and in real-world use. Simple products like water bottles often go overlooked but finding one that perfectly fits your lifestyle makes a huge difference.

After testing countless bottles over the years, I can confidently say that Frank Green stands apart from the competition. Its innovative design and quality construction create a reusable bottle that lives up to the viral hype.

People Also Ask:

Q: How long does the Frank Green bottle really keep drinks cold?

A: In my testing, it kept water chilled for around 12-14 hours, but not a full 24 hours as claimed. Still, keeping drinks cold overnight is impressive.

Q: What sizes and colors does the Frank Green bottle come in?

A: It’s available in 12 oz, 18 oz, and 20 oz capacities. You can choose from over 10 color options including black, white, pink, blue, and more.

Q: Does the Frank Green bottle leak at all?

A: Not in my testing. The secure screw top lid prevented any leakage while traveling or briefly opened in my bag.

Q: Can the Frank Green bottle fit in a backpack side pocket?

A: Yes, the slim silhouette of the Frank Green bottle slid nicely into standard bottle pockets on my backpack. The shape makes it more packable.

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